My consumer life has been filled with many interesting experiences. some good some bad. But what has driven me to start Consumeme1r focus Pakistan is the lack of a good blog where one can go and see how different products and services are doing in Pakistan and how they treat their customers.  With over 6 years of experience as marketing manager working with some big brand names (Intel, bank Alfalah), i have grown to analyze products and services on a different level. It’s an automatic process, whether i am eating out, Using a service or buying product.So i have taken the road not taken and decided to start a blog  about consumerism in Pakistan. Along with my own experiences i would like to add that of my friends and good people viewing  my blog. As i am going on impulse, so i would also like to add new ideas and new topics of your interests. lets call it a beta version as its my first attempt at blogging. You criticism andsuggestions are very important to me.It’s not my property but belongs to every consumer out there. I hope you all enjoy it and as my friends help me make it a success. So my friends let’s be part of new light emerging out of the dark ages of consumerism in Pakistan.

  1. qasim ali cheema

    your blog will work sir and please bring new products and specially ideas so we also can have the good knowledge about products and can get the new ideas .its will be a light to our professional life. regards

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