New Wave of Mobile snatching in lahore

There is a new menace on the streets of Lahore. We have all heard many times of mobile snatchings before but that usually happens either at night in dark alleys or on deserted streets during daytime, when a lone guy talking on phone becomes the victim. But lately it has come to my Notice that now mobile snatcher have become more bold and that they are doing the snatching in broad daylight in busy traffic. Two of my acquaintances have lost their mobiles on traffic lights within a month. One a few weeks back on Traffic light opposite of siddique Trade centre and the other one today (14-nov-2011) on traffic light of Cavalry ground bridge. Both had their Iphone 4 stolen while it was easily on display on their car dashboard or in their hand and the Modus operandi of the snatchers was the same.

A young man casually passes by and brushes against the side-view mirror.  Subconsciously the victim lowers the window glass to readjust the mirror; another boy picks the phone and runs away. In extreme cases the other boy puts a gun to the victim’s head.

Another method is that a guy knocks the rear side of the car and when the victim looks back to check, another guy grabs the phone and runs off ( If you know any other way add in comment).

So far I believe it’s a single gang working within Gulberg area mainly because of proximity to Hafeez centre where the sets can be sold- no questions asked. So I advise people to be especially careful in that area.

Some Suggestions to keep your mobile safe

lock em up

  • Do not use your cell phone while driving it is also against traffic rules.
  • Do not display your cell on car dashboard or in your hand keep it in your pocket.
  • If you have a laptop do not keep it on back seat keep it in under the seat.
  • Try to be in middle lane on signals as snatchers target cars on outside lane as it’s easy to run away.
  • In night especially after 12 if traffic is minimum, do not wait for red-light.
  • Keep you phones locked with security software so the snatchers can’t use it without flashing your cell in turn keeping your personal data safe.
  • Don’t keep personal data on phone especially on memory card.
  • Keep you IME number (*#06#) safe and incase of losing phone you can register complaint on
  • In emergency you can call PTA helpline 0800-25625.
  • Block your sim immediately as it can be used for terrorist activity.

Last But the most important advice; make habit of praying Ayatul kursi and Safar Dua before you leave home. In this Daur of Fitna only ALLAH can keep us safe. Be careful and stay safe.


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I am a seasoned marketing professional with a passion to learn and spread knowledge.

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  1. Nice suggestions, agree with most of them. However, it is still advised to stop at red lights regardless of how late it is 🙂 Breaking signals is never safe…

  2. yeah Jibran is very alarming actually i was the victim of this .One fine late after noon i was driving my car and i had to stop on a red signal on kalma chock .i was enjoying the late sweet after noon from car windows.Suddenly i felt a human hand just opened the car door and trying to grab my phone which was placed next to driving seat.I was just trying to register the sitatuion fr but it was too late to react .i just shouted “oyeeee” the guy ran away like a flash and in a second he is on the motorcycle seat along with his parnter …and that how i lost my phone …..i had really good photographs which i lost in that incident which is really awefull for me

  3. oh,very nice jibran,i appreciate to you for this awareness.thanks for this sharing,but one thing to break signal is ?

  4. By breaking red light i mean if u see a fishy biker or some one approaching the care , then break that light….

  5. Very public issue and practical suggestions. I am kind of fellow who stops for red lights even in the middle of the night. I will confess that it is not something I do without valid fear.

  6. I was not expecting these golden tips from a Pathan, but these are amazing. these reflect your previous experience of Mobile snatching and due to these you are now doing a job 😉

    anyway! I am sure if someone follow these steps, he will be safe,,,, Thanks for such a nice topic

    • ofcourse i do expect a racist comment from you, i know your naswar supply is out but its not pathan fault the government had imposed trade barriers for it. Thank you for liking the post 🙂

  7. This is not a matter Insaan and Pathan, I just like as a saying that dont look who is saying just listen what he is saying 🙂

  8. Dear Jibran,
    Eventually i got a chance to vist your blog..very very smart way to educate people about their safty.It would realy help to keep their belonghng sim,cell, mem card,CNIC etc. Also wish to see your work keeping seperate mem card to friends n famaily. So its easy to be avoid any furiouse situation for family i.e blakemailing by snatcher to subject.Thumbs up 4ur better society contribution efforts.

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