The Dual Core Wars – Pick Your Poison

Two power houses

With tech getting smarter and smaller mobile devices are getting more powerful. Already we have seen an upsurge of dual core mobile devices like Lg Optimus 2d and motorola Atrix 4g. But two devices are really creating a huge buzz in the mobile world and yes none of them comes with a half eaten Apple.

HTC and Samsung are neck to neck in battle to gain the status of producing the best android set. This year they both have outdone themselves with their android flagships HTC sensation and Samsung Galaxy s2. Both are due for launch in mid June in Pakistan. So let’s see how they measure up.

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From the tech comparison its clear that on paper Samsung seems more faster with 1gb ram and 16gb of onboard memory as compared to 1GB of HTC sensation. But HTC has an edge from its sense UI and true HD aspect ratio. Samsung GS2 will come with a price tag of 70k and HTC will range from 60k to 65k. It is also expected that both devices may be launched bundled with a GSM provider. My internal sources at HTC have told me that both Ufone and Telenor are interested to strike a deal with HTC.

In the end it all comes down to is user experience. Some would prefer the thinner Samsung with its Touch wiz UI. Others will like HTC’s premium design and solid feel over Samsung plastic body and unique experience of sense UI. I will do a detailed review on both devices as they launch.

Being a staunch Apple eater myself I would go for premium design of HTC and its sense UI. What will you go for?


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  1. I will go for HTC just because i love the look and feel of HTC phones

  2. Excellent sir its very nice and very good work and a good way also to give information sharing about new products, comparisons with others so its very interesting ….


  4. JGK, man where are you these days? your FB account seems deactivated too, what happened??

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